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90% of architects see CPD as indispensable.

Why isn’t your CPD programme delivering leads?

Next Generation CPD

Construction and technology are advancing at a rapid pace.

Yet many CPD programmes still operate the same way they did decades ago. It’s time to evolve to meet specifiers’ needs and expectations.

Specifiers spend countless hours looking for new technologies, research, and ways to future-proof their projects and practices – preferring to begin their search on Google, Pinterest and other online resources.

However, research tells us that CPD is still the number 1 source of information that specifiers want from manufacturers. 90% of specifiers surveyed see CPD as an indispensable source of knowledge, with over 50% doing 2 to 3 times the CPD hours required by the RIBA (35 hours per year). This is followed by case studies (64%), micro-learning (54%) and “how to” guides (53%).

Technical knowledge and product information are a vital part of the specification process. But specifiers want greater control over when and how they receive this information from manufacturers.

Introducing Next Generation CPD by Agency Spring – the first and only suite of innovative and engaging CPD products researched and developed by both specifiers and B2B marketing specialists.

Using the following tools, Agency Spring are able to help expertly target specific audiences, track engagement and deliver relevant knowledge, compelling content and measurable results – offline, online and in real-time:


The future of lunchtime CPD engagement that goes beyond simple “presentations” with multimedia-rich design, online resources, interactivity and editable content

CPD in 3D

Combining CPD with the power of digital modelling software to turn CPD into an immersive virtual journey


Aimed at directors and senior teams, this shorter, sharper format gets straight to the point with detailed knowledge, unexpected insights and a convenient morning timeslot

CPD Live

Hands-on, practical training, helping participants get involved and truly understand the ins and outs in fun and informal evening sessions


Hands-on, practical training, helping participants get involved and truly understand the ins and outs in fun and informal evening sessions

We’re looking for a Creative Artworker!

About The Role

Are you a creative artworker with 3-5 years’ experience behind you? Looking for a new challenge? Then this could be the job you are looking for… As part of a small and friendly creative team, you’ll need to evidence creative flair, technical ability and a keen attention to detail to bring campaigns to life across a wide range of digital platforms and print. Working across B2B and B2C, you’ll focus on FMCG and complex, technical B2B for industrial, manufacturing and construction.

About You

You’ll need to be experienced with Adobe Creative Suite, cool under pressure and confident working autonomously to client guidelines. You’ll be key to keeping the studio running, delivering artwork on spec, on time and to a highly finished standard.

Your experience will include:
• Proven experience as a Creative Artworker
• Excellent knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite
• Digital skills including banner ads and social media posts
• Artworking large formats
• Artworking packaging
• Management of artwork collateral
• Retouching skills
• Understand the print process and print specifications
• Excellent teamwork and time management skills
• Good to excellent skills in Microsoft office including PPT
• Ability to work accurately and provide consistent artwork quality
• Ability to work to brand guidelines

Great to Have

• Knowledge of After Effects and Premiere Pro a bonus

Contact Simon Misra with your salary expectations, CV and portfolio – we can’t wait to hear from you!

BPD Store Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign

To drive traffic to the e-commerce website and improve sales conversions.

Implement effective PPC campaigns following the recommendations of a detailed research report produced by the Spring team.

We identified a 3-step strategy that would allow us to efficiently provide quick results for BPD.

Analysed current sales figures & webstats in conjunction with Google’s planning tools to provide a report on the predicted, best performing products (based on ROI)
Provided a recommendation/implementation plan that highlights how the budget should be split
Set up and launch of a search network campaign – included ad creation and optimisation, keyword selection, bid management
Set up and launch of a shopping campaign – included management and optimisation of the merchant centre (product inventory) and budget/bid management of the campaign
We provided live reports on the results as well as delivering CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) recommendations & tasks
Recommendations were geared around updating the ad content, working on finding the most relevant and well preforming keywords, optimising the bid management strategy and providing landing page and website improvements/suggestions


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William Hare bid tender

William Hare, the leading independent steel fabrication company in the UK, approached Agency Spring to design front cover designs for two bid tender submissions. Both designs sought to elucidate the experience, quality and heritage of the William Hare brand whilst appealing to the developer’s vision and style.

Bid tender 1: Google

William Hare wished to submit a bid tender to secure their role in providing steel fabrication for a new a Google work space at King’s Cross Central in London.

The idea took inspiration from the Google doodles that are created each day were the brand is utilised in different ways to create interesting and thought provoking imagery.

The design gave each letter of the Google logo a distinctive visual representation of the design and construction process carried out by William Hare. The Google letters displayed a conceptual interpretation of an “initial concept drawing”, “detailed drawings”, “3D modelling”, “fabrication”, “erection” and a “complete structure”. The tagline “with you every step” complimented the design and evidenced how meticulous and capable William Hare are.

Bid tender 2: Manchester’s Factory arts building

Manchester’s Factory arts building is the Rem Koolhaas-designed £110m cultural centre commissioned as part of the Northern Powerhouse project.

To help William Hare win the bid for steel fabrication on the project, Agency Spring decided to use the concept of Manchester’s heritage and William Hare’s history of achievements in the city. Using the symbolic Manchester worker bee as a starting point we developed a symbol based on the new Factory site. This symbol is also a subtle nod to the iconic Factory Records logo which had connections through the Granada TV studios site with Anthony Wilson.

To further bolster this idea, we used the honeycomb shapes as a pattern across the folder, and in specific windows you can see prestigious Manchester-based William Hare projects and the new Factory building. The honeycomb element conveys ideas of a firm structure and a seamless construction process which connoted William Hare’s position as a leading player in the construction of Manchester’s cityscape.

William Hare successfully won the bid tender and supplied steel fabrication services for the Factory arts building.

Poggenpohl CPD

Poggenpohl, the world’s most iconic kitchen brand, contacted Agency Spring to create a stand-alone Continued Professional Development (CPD) presentation. The purpose of this was to help promote their brand and champion their ethos to the specifier market.

The Poggenpohl philosophy has consistently pushed the boundaries of kitchen design. Distilling this ideal and communicating the rich history of the brand in an effective and engaging manner – to architects and specifiers – was the central challenge Agency Spring encountered.

Agency Spring identified the need to position Poggenpohl as a brand that appealed to the aesthetic and academic sensibilities of architects and specifiers. Therefore, the presentation sought to align forward thinking conceptual ideals with the overarching philosophy of the Poggenpohl brand to engage the target markets.

WL Gore Video

Gore gave Agency Spring the brief of creating a launch video to promote the global introduction of their latest portable electronic vent.

For the video, we had to have a deep understanding of the technical specifications and capabilities of the Gore product to effectively distil the information into an engaging format.

The video took on a very lively and scientific visual style that incorporated a vast range of dynamic animations and footage to highlight the applications of the product. The approach was intended to appeal to busy engineers looking for acoustic solutions.

Agency Spring were able to visualise the Gore process and promote the reasons why Gore is the world leader in acoustic solutions. This enabled us to instil a high level of perceived competence, capability and experience to the target audience.


WL Gore Launch

Gore tasked Agency Spring with creating a series of highly technical case studies – aimed at engineers – that would reveal the high level of skill and practical capabilities the company possesses.

The task was heavily focused on creating visually arresting technical documents that would quickly and efficiently convey key Gore product information to the reader. Gore were acutely aware that most data sheets are synonymous with drab and content heavy documents, therefore the materials sought to strike a fine balance of visual engagement and technical information.

Spring focused on the creation of a key visual for each case study that encapsulated the messaging and key selling points of the Gore solutions. These key visuals were used as the cornerstone of the overarching campaign and were used across a variety of media. The unique visual style and effective delivery of information enabled Agency Spring to add drama and dynamism to the Gore campaign.

Velux – Event Series

Agency Spring planned and executed a comprehensive national thought leadership event roadshow, which provided a platform for renowned speakers to discuss prevalent issues within the construction industry. Its aim was to position VELUX as industry thought leaders, educate professionals on trends within the sector and champion the benefits of VELUX Modular Skylights across the value chain to specifiers and contractors.


Sales Leads

The event roadshow took place during breakfast time in 8 locations across the United Kingdom. The event locations were carefully selected due the concentration architects that lived and practiced there, whilst the breakfast timing of the events was strategically chosen to encourage serious professionals to attend. Each event had 3 speakers lecture the audience on different topics relating to daylight, ventilation, modularity and offsite construction.The speakers were hand-picked due to their academic influence and wide-ranging set of expertise relating to lighting design and architectural innovation. Our keynote speaker, Peter Barrett, who lectured at all the events, was integral in giving the themes of the series an academic backbone. His research concerning the impact of daylight, ventilation and environment on student learning in a school setting was the perfect platform in which the events were able to craft a strong educational ethos.


New Contacts

Audience feedback suggested that the structure of the event series was an overwhelming success with attendees claiming that they hadn’t “been to a better CPD event”. This positive feedback was further enhanced by the fact that the event gained a NPS score of 60%, 70% of attendees wanted a follow up CPD session and 25% of attendees clicked through to the CPDi platform (industry average 2.9%).

The focus on thought leadership and education was a huge factor in VELUX receiving 217 requests for CPD sessions, and encouraging attendees to engage with the VELUX brand. The oblique strategy and “lack of hard sell” actively enabled sales leads to be nurtured by motivating potential customers to seek out the CPD and CPDi channels of the integrated strategy, and continue their learning and professional development.



Velux – CPDi Platform

The CPDi platform was Agency Spring’s vision for modernising the route to CPD programs. By creating an interactive e-platform that condensed all of the concepts and information relating to the CPDs and event series into easily digestible training modules, we were able to engage specifiers and architects in continuous learning journey that would nurture leads and encourage brand loyalty.

The CPDi platform was designed as a mechanism that allowed users to follow up and maintain their VELUX learning experience that had begun during one of the VELUX thought leadership events.