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Event Series

Velux – Event Series

Agency Spring planned and executed a comprehensive national thought leadership event roadshow, which provided a platform for renowned speakers to discuss prevalent issues within the construction industry. Its aim was to position VELUX as industry thought leaders, educate professionals on trends within the sector and champion the benefits of VELUX Modular Skylights across the value chain to specifiers and contractors.


Sales Leads

The event roadshow took place during breakfast time in 8 locations across the United Kingdom. The event locations were carefully selected due the concentration architects that lived and practiced there, whilst the breakfast timing of the events was strategically chosen to encourage serious professionals to attend. Each event had 3 speakers lecture the audience on different topics relating to daylight, ventilation, modularity and offsite construction.The speakers were hand-picked due to their academic influence and wide-ranging set of expertise relating to lighting design and architectural innovation. Our keynote speaker, Peter Barrett, who lectured at all the events, was integral in giving the themes of the series an academic backbone. His research concerning the impact of daylight, ventilation and environment on student learning in a school setting was the perfect platform in which the events were able to craft a strong educational ethos.


New Contacts

Audience feedback suggested that the structure of the event series was an overwhelming success with attendees claiming that they hadn’t “been to a better CPD event”. This positive feedback was further enhanced by the fact that the event gained a NPS score of 60%, 70% of attendees wanted a follow up CPD session and 25% of attendees clicked through to the CPDi platform (industry average 2.9%).

The focus on thought leadership and education was a huge factor in VELUX receiving 217 requests for CPD sessions, and encouraging attendees to engage with the VELUX brand. The oblique strategy and “lack of hard sell” actively enabled sales leads to be nurtured by motivating potential customers to seek out the CPD and CPDi channels of the integrated strategy, and continue their learning and professional development.